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We’re your quality thermoplastics resin compounder and distributor, serving a wide range of applications and industries, always with a focus on Keeping America Green. Our primary resins are PP, PE, TPO, ABS, PC, PA6, PA66 and PBT and their alloys. We also provide toll services for your non-use plastics in any form. We want to be your sustainability partner!

Applications for Resin Compounds

Whether you need material for injection molding or extrusion processes, our quality resin will meet your need. We can provide the properties you need in quality resin for the any industry, including automotive, lawn care and appliances.


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Case Studies

In early 2009, Polymer Technologies approached this automotive OEM molder plant with a possible sustainability partnership. What started with the conventional sale of a trail box of resin from PTS turned into a strong sustainability partnership. We converted the plant’s plastic scrap of engineering resin (PCABS) and its thermoplastic olefin scrap (TPO) into quality resins.

PTS has provided a full service of timely logistics (pickup and delivery) along with the separate evaluation of every scrap regrind box for contamination since 2009. If contamination is found, the customer is informed of it, and the material is quarantined until the deposit is obtained. The good regrind is then processed into usable, quality resin and shipped to the customer, using a “just in time” delivery method. Our resin is now successfully used in “non-visible” parts.

Since 2009, PTS has, on average, converted 200 tons of scrap plastic per year into quality, usable resin without any issues, and we continue to develop a valued relationship with our customers.  CLICK HERE to read more Case Studies.


Case Study One, Sustainability Partnership – Automotive

In 2015, a European resin manufacturer, TechnoCompound GmbH, approached PTS about the possibility of providing automotive resins in the domestic market in order to avoid high shipping costs from Europe and any possible tariffs.

After the manufacturer’s visit to PTS for a company audit –– and being satisfied with PTS’ production and lab capabilities –– a joint development program was set for various polyolefin-based products with a focus on sustainability.

In the last five years, more than seven automotive products have been developed by PTS, working in conjunction with TechnoCompound GmbH –– meeting the customer’s specified requirement of as many as 13 properties, including shrinkage. Of those products, two have been in production since 2018, with the remaining five waiting for customer approval. All of the materials are used in underbody and wheel liner applications.

More product developments are planned under the valued, growing partnership, and PTS is currently working on three additional product lines. CLICK HERE to read more Case Studies. 

Case Study Two, Custom Compounding – Automotive

In 2010, PTS approached a small automotive custom molder for a Far East car manufacturer to form a sustainability partnership. The partnership initially began by buying the company’s scrap of polyamide, polycarbonate and polypropylene, and providing timely pickup from their plant.

Since then, the relationship has progressed into turning some of the company’s clean scrap into quality resin that could be used by the company, alongside PTS’ original scrap pickup services. PTS also keeps a complete inventory list of the materials received and shipped to the customer and provides the information to the customer within a 72-hour basis.

The customer is highly satisfied and continues to receive services from PTS. CLICK HERE to read more Case Studies.

Case Study Three, Sustainability – Automotive

In 2005, PTS approached a domestic automotive part manufacturer about the possible use of resin in its application. After initial testing, a business partnership began with full load shipments.

Over time, the partnership has grown into a mutually beneficial one with environmental consciousness in mind. Additionally, to provide further savings to the customer, PTS set up a closed-loop program for Gaylord boxes and skids.

PTS has provided products with an “on-time” delivery method for the last 15 years, never missing any shipments, and PTS continues to provide quality service to this highly valued customer.  CLICK HERE to read more Case Studies.

Case Study Four, Customer Partnership

Case Study Five:

In 2010, PTS approached a custom compounder about providing a sustainability service for its plastic scrap. The customer’s plant would keep all the scrap separate, label it accordingly and ship it to PTS.

PTS provides “Toll Grinding” services and returns the product to the compounder for reuse in its product line. PTS maintains a complete list of the inventory for the year and provides the list to the customer upon request within 72 hours.

PTS continues to work with this valued customer in a sustainability partnership. CLICK HERE to read more Case Studies.

Case Study Five, Sustainability Partnership – Resin Manufacturer

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